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ICANN 2006
Workshop on Intelligent technologies, affective computing and interaction
Purpose of this workshop was to bring together leading researchers and industries in the fields of data capture, analysis and fusion, intelligent systems and cognition and interactive applications, such as interactive installations, embodied conversational agents (ECAs) and mixed reality, as well as EU representatives, in order to present current results and issues from on-going (NoEs Humaine, Similar, Muscle and IP CHIL) and currently starting (IP CALLAS, STREP Feelix Growing) IST projects and discuss the vision and strategic objectives of the next EU Framework Program.

The workshop took place on September, 14 and attracted a large number of panelists and participants. These are the presentations included in the workshop
Lessons learned from HUMAINE (and the way forward) [download ppt]
Kostas Karpouzis, Stefanos Kollias, National Technical University of Athens, Greece [email]

Emotion in Interaction: Embodied Conversational Agents [download ppt]
Catherine Pelachaud, Univ. Paris 8, France [email]

Multimodal Affective Technologies: a concrete answer from the perspective of a large company [download ppt]
Diego Arnone, Engineering S.A., Italy [email]

Where, Who and What? [download ppt] [download archived videos zip (80 MB)]
Aristodemos Pnevmatikakis, Athens Information Technology, Greece [email]

ITI-CERTH Augmented and Virtual Reality Laboratory [download ppt]
Kostas Moustakas, ITI-CERTH, Greece [email]

Affect Recognition [download ppt]
Vassiliki Moschou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece [email]

Affective technologies from the part of the users
Marc Price, BBC R&D, United Kingdom [email]

In the discussion that followed, panelists and participants identified the existence of parallel, efforts in the fields of analysis, synthesis and ubiquity related to multimodal interaction. These efforts position on-going research within the EU IST Framework at the state-of-the-art in fields like emotion representation, recognition and synthesis, natural interaction and assisted living. With the facilitation of including participants from the USA, Japan and other non-EU member countries to FP6 and FP7 initiatives, related research seems to be mature enough to include specific concepts of it in existing applications, such intelligent, adaptable ECAs, anger detection in automated call centers or virtual and augmented representations of real environments for gaming and entertainment. Instruments like Integrated Projects (IPs) in FP6 and FP7 were identified as the main 'vehicle' to apply research conducted within current Networks of Excellence (NoE) in these real applications.
The session organizers would like to thank the ICANN organizing committee and staff and all presenters for making this session so fruitful!

Contact information
Prof. Stefanos Kollias
Dr. Kostas Karpouzis
The Image, Video and Multimedia Systems Laboratory