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K. Stamou, A. Sotiropoulou, Ph. Mylonas, Y. Voutos
A Video Game for Byzantine History - Akritas: Playing at the Byzantine Borders
Integration of new technologies into the learning process lies among the objectives of the contemporary educational approach related to historical periods. Thus, students familiar with the use of technology approach the traditional history lesson by participating in modern educational games of historical content. To intrigue them more into deepening their knowledge in history, we propose a history-based video game, so that they can familiarize themselves with Byzantine era and interact with aspects of its everyday life, such as military organization and actual public administration. The latter will be achieved through digitized copies of artifacts, so as to endorse and resemble a regular Byzantine life, e.g., as a commoner, a soldier, a high-level official, or even an emperor. By participating in these educational scenarios the students will have the opportunity to acquire direct knowledge about artifacts placed in Byzantine museums or the architecture of buildings, e.g., a Byzantine church, a palace or a house. The motivation behind this educational video game that is based on real cultural data/metadata is the development of students˘ historical thinking and social awareness, and the production of a valuable teaching tool to make the learning process as appealing as possible.
15 July , 2022
K. Stamou, A. Sotiropoulou, Ph. Mylonas, Y. Voutos, "A Video Game for Byzantine History - Akritas: Playing at the Byzantine Borders", In
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