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P. Tzouveli, N. Simou, G. Stamou, S. Kollias
Semantic Classification of Byzantine Icons
IEEE Intelligent Systems, vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 35-43, Mar./Apr. 2009
The painters of the Byzantine and post Byzantine artworks use specific rules and iconographic patterns for the creation of sacred figures. Based on these rules, the sacred figure depicted in the artwork is recognizable. In the present paper, we propose an automatic knowledge-based image analysis system used for Byzantine icons classification on the basis of the sacred figure recognition. Firstly, the system detects and analyzes the most important facial characteristics providing rich, still imprecise information about the Byzantine icon. Then, the information extracted is expressed in terms of an expressive terminology formalized using Description Logics (DLs) which form the basis of Semantic Web ontology languages. In order to effectively handle the imprecision involved, fuzzy extensions of DLs are used for the assertional part of the ontology. In this way, the extracted by image analysis information comprises the assertional component while the expressive terminology, formalizing the rules and the iconographic patterns, permits categorization of Byzantine artworks. The proposed approach was tested on a repository of 2000 Byzantine icons presenting very promising results.
09 April , 2009
P. Tzouveli, N. Simou, G. Stamou, S. Kollias, "Semantic Classification of Byzantine Icons", IEEE Intelligent Systems, vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 35-43, Mar./Apr. 2009
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