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Ph. Mylonas
Semantic Processing
Encyclopedia of Image Processing, Ph. Laplante (ed.), CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, Boca Raton, 2019
Semantic processing of multimedia content focuses in principle on the analysis of digital audiovisual content according to its high-level characteristics or entities to be derived in an (semi-)automated manner by suitable computational equipment. The notion of semantics is crucial in the process, since a “correct” machine-processable interpretation will allow for content providers to efficiently manipulate content and provide meaningful services to people in accordance with their individual standards, tastes, and preferences. The overall goal remains, of course, to contribute to the bridging of the gap between the semantic nature of user/people˘s needs and raw multimedia content. The herein discussed approach analyzes visual content (such as still images or video sequences) and its associated textual annotation, in order to extract the underlying semantics and construct a meaningful semantic index, based on a unified knowledge model. Content of interest may then be retrieved from the semantics by carrying out semantic interpretation and expansion. All described processes are based on a semantic processing methodology, employing fuzzy algebra and principles of taxonomic knowledge representation, illustrating the semantic unification. As a result, the overall contribution of semantic processing to the improvement of multimedia content understanding and retrieval effectiveness is of great importance for the entire research community.
01 January , 2019
Ph. Mylonas, "Semantic Processing", Encyclopedia of Image Processing, Ph. Laplante (ed.), CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, Boca Raton, 2019
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