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Project -
FrameWork PENED-99
Contract Number:
Full Name Applications and Development for MPEG-4
Participants IVML, ITI-AUTH, UCrete
Budget €170000
Duration 2000-2001 (18 months)
Description The project aims to develop tools for MPEG-4 applications such as image sequence encoding in multimedia systems. MPEG-4 is the new standard for describing and encoding that offers a range of capabilities and is expected to be the future standard for multimedia application development. In order to use and exploit MPEG-4, there exists the need to develop a gamut of external algorithms that are not included in the standard for tasks such as segmentation of moving and still images, 3D synthesis and animation, as well as extraction and recognition of human faces
URL http://uranus.ee.auth.gr/pened99/index.html 
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