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FrameWork MM Task Force
Contract Number:
Full Name Multimedia Organisation for Developing the Understanding and Learning of Advanced Technology inpean Schools.
Participants IVML, OTENET SA (GR), CableTel Ltd., Glasgow Caledonian Univ.(UK), Technische Universitaet Dresden (D),
Budget €260000 Euro / 1581000 Euro Total
Duration 1998-2000 (28 months)
Description This EU-funded project aims to establish a pilot European multimedia network and organisation with the purpose of motivating encouraging school pupils to take up a career in technology and related businesses and industries, and to assist with the learning of languages within the context of learning about technological subjects in school at both primary and secondary level. The network will take the structural form of a group of European universities with skills in the development and use of multimedia materials and experience in teacher training working together with teachers and pupils in schools to provide a unified range of user configurable, multi-lingual, multimedia courses on topics in advanced technology for primary and secondary schools. Course materials will be developed in at least 6 topics with all materials available in English, German, and Greek. The project will be of 2 years duration starting in early 1998. ISDN links will be established between the 3 participating universities and from each of the universities to its group of schools (14 schools in total). Telecommunications service providers will establish these connections and be involved as partners in the project to assist with technical developments as well as with commercial aspects for exploitation of results. The project will form the pilot study for the creation of a self-funding European educational multimedia network and organisation for the teaching and learning of advanced technology which has the capability of assisting language teaching. In the 2 years following the project (2000-2002) it is planned to provide access to MODULATES materials for over 1,000 schools throughout the EU.
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