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Project -
FrameWork TEMPUS
Contract Number:
Full Name Electronics/Signal Processing Program Updating in the Univ. of Cluz
Participants IVML (GR), Univ. of Cluz (RO), Glasgow Caledonian Univ. (UK), Univ. of Tampere (F), Univ. of Graz (A), Univ. of Dresden, Univ. of Braunsweig (D), Univ. of Zaragoza (SP), Politechnico di Torino (I)
Budget €14200
Duration 1996-1999 (1 months)
Description This project aims at the improvement of the knowledge of the lecturers in the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Cluz, Romania as well as other institutions of the neighboring area in the fields of electronics, signal processing, etc. The IVML is visited by staff of these institutions and takes part in seminars and other functions of the project
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