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Project ANNIE
FrameWork ESPRIT-2092
Contract Number:
Full Name Artificial Neural Networks For Industry Inpe
Participants IVML, Alpha SAI (GR), AEA Technology, British Aerospace Plc, Artificial Intelligence Ltd. (UK), CETIM (FR), IBP Pietzsch GmbH, Siemens AG, KPMG Peat Marwick GmbH, Techniche Hochschule Darmstadt (DE)
Budget €220000
Duration 1989-1992 (1 months)
Description The aim of the project was to inspect neural network based techniques in a selected range of applications and compare them to usual approaches. This includes pattern recognition applications (detection and classification of imperfections in integrated circuits), systems control (avoiding collisions and routing for vehicles) and improvement of job planning for aircraft cabin crew.
URL http://albion.ncl.ac.uk/esp-syn/text/2092.html 
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