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Project MARS
FrameWork RACE-2120
Contract Number:
Full Name Multimedia Audiovisual Retrieval Service
Participants IVML, Philips-LEP, Thomson-LER, Expertel, CCETT, AXO-IMEDIA, CAP SESA, CNET Lannion A. (FR), DeTeBercom (DE), BBC (UK), Videotime, ITALTEL, CSELT (I), Instituto de Telecommunicacoes (P), NKT (DM), Telefonica I+D (ES)
Budget €25000
Duration 1994-1995 (1 months)
Description The object of this project is to assure technical efficiency in the fields of multimedia terminals interconnection in public information networks so as to retrieve services from the European commercial community. IVML helped solve problems concerning large data objects storage with the aid of new coding technologies.
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