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Project ERMIS
FrameWork IST-2000
Contract Number: IST-2000-29319
Full Name Emotionally Rich Man-machine Intelligent System
Participants IVML (GR), ALTEC S.A (GR), ILSP (GR), France Telecom (GR), British Telecom (UK), Queens University of Belfast (UK), Kings College of London (UK), MIT GmbH (DE), Eyetronics (BE), Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (BE)
Budget €1550000
Duration 2002-2004 (36 months)
Description The development of a prototype system for human computer interaction than can interpret its users' attitude or emotional state, e.g., activation/interest,boredom, and anger, in terms of their speech and/or their facial gestures and expressions
URL http://www.image.ntua.gr/ermis/ 
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