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Project Synennoesi
FrameWork GSRT E-learning
Contract Number:
Full Name An educational platform for the Greek Sign Language, exploiting avatar and animation technologies
Participants Systema Tech., ILSP, ICCS-IVML, Hellenic Fed. of the Deaf
Budget €853035
Duration 2004-2005 (18 months)
Description The main objective of the proposed project is the development of an educational platform integrating ava-tar and animation technologies along with exploitation of electronic linguistic resources of the Greek Sign Language (GSL), in order to provide the means to construct and maintain educational material in GSL with a twofold scope: a) in order to teach sign language grammar, and b) in order to approach material available only in written Greek that corresponds to the entire standard syllabus. The intended platform addresses to the deaf population in order to cover the presently enormous needs in respect to educational means and material as far as this specific group is concerned, targeting to a dramatic improvement of the education quality offered to the deaf Greeks. It is worth noting, that till now there is nothing like a gram-mar textbook or any other educational material available in appropriate form, to be used at school and so enable deaf children to attend their classes on equal grounds with the hearing. A second user group the platform is addressed to, is the one of hearing learners of GSL as a second language.
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