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Project Ask-IT
FrameWork FP6 - Integrated Project
Contract Number:
Full Name Ambient Intelligence System of Agents for Knowledge-based and Integrated Services for Mobility Impaired Users
Participants Siemens S.A. (DE) - ICCS (GR) - ITI-CERTH (GR) - University of Newcastle (UK) - Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (ES) - Motorola Limited (UK) - Lucent Technologies Network Systems GmbH (DE) - Nokia Mobile Phones (USA) - Vodafone Espana S.A. (ES) - Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (ES)
Duration 2004-2008 (48 months)
Description Mobility Impaired (MI) people have a wide variety of functional limitations, from different types of physical impairments to activity limitations. The aims of this project are to develop an ambient intelligence space for the integration of functions and services for elderly and disabled people across various environments. Another aim is to enable the provision of personalised, self-configurable, intuitive and context-related applications and services and, facilitate knowledge and content organisation and processing. Within it, MI people related infomobility content is collected, interfaced and managed, encompassing transport, tourism and leisure, personal support services, work, business and education, social relations and community related content. To offer the content, a number of advanced tools are developed, such as enhanced accuracy localisation, accessible intermodal route guidance modules and interfaces to e-Commerce, domotics, health and emergency management, driver support, computer accessibility, e-Working, e-Learning systems and assistive devices. Content and tools are integrated within an Ambient Intelligent Framework, by a Multi Agent System of Intelligent Agents and a self-configurable User Interface, that offer service personalisation according to user profile, habits, preferences and context of use.
URL http://www.ask-it.org/ 
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