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Project CALLAS
FrameWork FP6
Contract Number: 034800
Full Name Conveying Affectiveness in Leading-edge Living Adaptive Systems
Participants Engineering (ENG), VTT Electronics (VTT), BBC (BBC), Metaware (MTW), Studio Azzurro (SAZ), XIM (XIM), Digital Video (DV), Humanware (HMW), Nexture (NXT), University of Augsburg (UOA), ICCS/NTUA (ICCS) University of Mons (FPMS), University of Teeside (TEES), Helsinki University of Technology (TKK), Paris 8 (PAR8), Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa (SNS), University of Reading (UOR), Fondazione Teatro Massimo (TMAS), HITLaboratory New Zealand (HIT)
Budget €4958864
Duration 2006-2010 (42 months)
Description CALLAS will investigate key aspects of Multimodal Affective Interfaces in the specific area of Art and Entertainment applications. As an integrated project CALLAS will address the following high-level objectives: 1) To advance the state-of-the-art in Multimodal Affective Interfaces by i) developing new emotional models that will be able to take into account a comprehensive user experience in Digital Arts and Entertainment applications and ii) new modality-processing techniques to capture (and elicit) these new emotional categories, 2) To research, develop, and integrate advanced software components, tailored to the processing of individual modalities supporting the semantic recognition of emotions, making them available through a “living” repository, called the CALLAS “shelf”, 3) To develop a software methodology for the development and the engineering of Multimodal Interfaces that will make their development accessible to a larger community, i.e. the assembly of a Multimodal interface from individual components will not require anymore a deep understanding of theories of Multimodality. The effectiveness of the CALLAS approach in pursuing the aforementioned objectives will be validated by developing significant research prototypes (or Showcases) in three major fields of Digital Arts and Entertainment: Augmented Reality for Art, Entertainment, and Digital Theatre Interactive Installations for Public Spaces Next-Generation Interactive Television CALLAS also aims to ensure the sustainability and the replicability of the technology results. This will be addressed mainly by supporting Technology Transfer, in particular towards SMEs operating in the new media sector, whether these SME are involved in Digital Arts and Entertainment or are innovative technology spin-offs.
URL http://www.callas-newmedia.eu 
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