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Project ATHENA
FrameWork eContentplus
Contract Number: ECP-2007-DILI-517005
Full Name Access to cultural heritage networks across Europe
Participants http://www.athenaeurope.org/index.php?en/92/list-of-athena-project-partners
Budget €437,500
Duration 2008-2011 (30 months)
Description ATHENA is developed as a project to specifically tackle the gap in existing content provision to the European Digital Library (Europeana). An analysis of the current situation shows that the target set for Europeana can best be met with targeted support for museums and audiovisual archives. This project is developed from the sound existing network of Governmental bodies began in 2001 with the MINERVA project, and continues with “Europeana: the European digital library network”. ATHENA has the objective to:
- reinforce, support and encourage the participation of museums and other institutions coming from those sectors of cultural heritage not fully involved yet in Europeana;
- coordinate standards and activities of museums across Europe;
- identify digital content present in European museums;
- contribute to the integration of the different sectors of cultural heritage, in cooperation with other projects more directly focused on libraries and archives, with the overall objective to merge all these different contributions into Europeana;
- develop a plug-in to be integrated within Europeana, to facilitate the access to digital contents belonging to European museums.

ATHENA will also produce a set of scalable tools, recommendations and guidelines, focusing on multilingualism and semantics, metadata and thesauri, data structures and IPR issues, to be used within museums for supporting internal digitisation activities and facilitating the integration of their digital content into Europeana. All these outputs will be based on standards and guidelines agreed by the partner countries for the harmonised access to the content, and will be easily applicable.

The final aim of ATHENA is to bring together relevant stakeholders and content owners from all over Europe, evaluate and integrate standards and tools for facilitating the inclusion of new digital content into Europeana, so conveying to the user the original and multifaceted experience of all the European cultural heritage.

ATHENA will work in close cooperation with existing projects (eg “Europeana: the European digital library network” and Michael, both present in ATHENA) and develop intense clustering activities with other relevant projects.
URL http://www.athenaeurope.org/ 
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