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Project Social & Smart
FrameWork FP7
Contract Number:
Full Name Social housekeeping through intercommunicating appliances and shared recipes merged in a pervasive web-services infrastructure
Participants University of MILANO, AMIS, Arduino, NTUA, Cartif, Gorenje, Libelium, Universidad del Pais Vasco
Budget €1450000
Duration 2012-2014 (24 months)
Description Social&Smart is a research project using the housekeeping scenario to experiment a pervasive Future Internet network that provides real services to a wide population. The goal is to devise an infrastructure allowing all appliances in the home to speak to a middleware where any user can easily create cognitive and scalable solutions in the cloud to manage them. It offers a knowledge management milieu where the user interacts with a social network to issue what we call recipes, i.e. a list of instructions for the devices embedded in a simplified scripting language. Through the recipes, s/he generates real workflows embedding commands that are finely tuned through cognitive processes based both on user feedbacks and on knowledge and services shared with the other members of the network. The typical storyboard is the one where housekeepers exchange recipes, for instance to wash dirty clothes, in terms of scripts or API calls that get improved iteratively on the basis of the statics on their efficiency. The general strategy is to experiment Future Internet from the human centric perspective, where the users, and not universal procedures, are the owners of the rules operating the things. As members of a social network they share needs, knowledge, services and feedbacks within a networked intelligence to jointly improve their individual ability to rule the appliances at their service.
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