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Project PYXIS
FrameWork PAVET
Contract Number: 1309-ΒΕΤ-2013
Full Name Increased situation awareness in cases of emergency using the Smart Spaces paradigm and Augmented Reality techniques
Participants Telesto Ltd., Irida Labs S.A., Protean Technologies Ltd., ICCS-NTUA, University of Piraeus Research Centre, University of Patras
Budget €50000
Duration 2014-2015 (18 months)
Description Shipping (commercial and passenger) in the Greek area is one of the consistently most important economic sectors of the country. The safety of navigation is of major importance for the integrity of passengers and employees, as well as the solvency of the services offered. The purpose of the PYXIS project is increased operational awareness in crisis situations using "smart spaces" technologies based on sensor networks and technologies of visual feedback of information to support decision making and intelligent content distribution methods using augmented reality. The project will enable better management of the processes of addressing accidents and safety evacuation in passenger shipping, leading to increased sense of safety of passengers and crew. In such situations, even trained crews are overcome by emergency situations that occur during accidents in confined spaces; thus, they often fail to react promptly and properly with all the consequences, as demonstrated in the case of Costa Concordia. The solution proposed in the project is holistic addressing the adoption of "smart spaces" and can be applied to other crises beyond the accidents at sea .
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