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IVML has been equipped with high-tech gear in the areas of image and video acquisition and processing. Most of this equipment was acquired with the funding of the General Secretariat of Research and Technology within the EPET II project framework
SONY Digital Videocassette Recorder DVW-A500P
SONY Videocassette Recorder UVW-1800P
SONY Color Video Camera, Power HAD, DXC-D30F/PF,K/PK,L/PL,H/PH
SONY Camera Control Unit, CCU-M5P
SONY ClipLink Guide (J, E, F, G, D, I, C)
SONY Camera Adaptor, CA-537/537P
SONY Remote Control Units, SVRM-100A and RM-LG1
SONY Digital Video Camera, Power HAD, DXC-D30P
SONY Zoom Lens, VCL-918BY
SONY Trinitron Color Video Monitor, PVM-20M4E
Panasonic Video Cassette Recorder, NV-SD430EG
Miranda DigiLinx, Movie-2 Bus Compatible Serial 4:2:2 Interface
Optibase Fusion MPEG H/W Encoder
Matrox Digisuite Real-time Uncompressed Video Capture System
Digital Rapids 1500 Video compression board
Leitch Reality & Velocity
JVC DVL9000 MiniDV Camera
JVC BR-DV3000 DV Deck

General hardware in the IVML includes four UNIX workstations (Solaris,Linux), about 3TB of disk space in H/W RAID (IBM FASTT600 Turbo), an array of PCs, two plain and slide scanners and a color laser printer