"FEELTRACE: Validating a tool for continuous measurement of perceived emotional content"

S. Savvidou, R. Cowie and E. Douglas-Cowie (UK)

Abstract: We examined the reliability of a system we developed, which allows people to record their perceptions of emotion on a computer screen. The system is based on the classical activation-evaluation concept but it is applied in a new way based on computer presentation, capturing temporal variation in a natural way. The activation-evaluation framework is presented to respondents as a circle on the computer screen and they are then asked to describe the emotional content of the material by moving a pointer in the circle. The circle shows a number of key emotion words which are placed on the appropriate points in the space so that users take them as points of reference. Stimuli in this study were emotional clips from TV programs involving real interactions. Reliability was assessed by measuring the spread of average co-ordinates for responses to each clip. Distributions were compact showing that FEELTRACE provides a reliable recording tool.

Key-Words: Feeltrace, Perception of emotion, Dimensional Approach for describing emotions, BEEVer.