" Test Material Format and Availability "

The following issues have been identified:

Although a certain amount of material is available, and can be used in early developments of the PHYSTA system, it has become clear that the project needs to assemble its own database. Progress has been made at several levels.

1. Concepts and principles relevant to the construction of an audiovisual emotion database have been set out. Perhaps surprisingly, this appears to be the first systematic attempt to set out such a framework.

2. Work has begun on two approaches to obtaining suitable stimuli. The BBC has been approached for permission to use appropriate kinds of broadcast material, and studio recordings have been made of arguments in which friends discuss emotive topics.

3. Work on the production of processed signals is described in another report.

4. Two approaches to constructing the interpretation stream have been piloted. A format has been developed in which participants in the studio recordings review the recordings and assess the genuineness of their own emotional involvement. A system ('Feeltrace') has also been developed which allows third parties to report continuously on the emotional character of stimulus events, and it has been piloted using the studio recordings.